When they met...

Justin and Amanda met while they were members of an independent colorguard called Incognito in 1999. During that time they were merely aquaintences. In the 2000 season, they became close friends.
During their second-to-last year in Incognito (2001), Amanda & Justin were starting to become more than just friends. Yet, neither of them knew it at that point. For at least seven months they both were driving their friend Jenny nuts. They would both ask her "does he/she like me?" Jenny could never get a clear answer out of either one of them, but if it wasn't for her finally pushing, they might still be confused.
Finally, in June of 2001, Amanda got up the nerve to make their dating "official" by unexpectedly kissing Justin. At that point they both knew how the other felt. Since then, the two have been practically inseperable.

How Justin proposed...

It was the day after Xmas & Amanda's brother-in-law's (Shaan's) birthday celebration. Her entire family (parents, brother + girlfriend, sister + husband & 1 yr old son, uncle) plus Justin's mother went to a fairly expensive, family style, italian restaurant called Maggiano's Little Italy.
When they arrived, it seemed like a fairly normal family get together. According to Justin, Amanda's mother couldn't help but keep smiling and looking at them the whole night. Amanda thought she was just happy, but apparently, either right before or on Xmas Justin asked Amanda's Dad for Amanda's hand in marriage. Her Dad then told her mother. Justin had told his mother he was going to propose the day before. They were the only three people that knew Justin was going to propose.
They finished dinner and it was time for dessert. They had brought out some tiramissu and chocolate cake. The waiters left and they all began to dig in. A few minutes later the waiter came back with a platter made of granite and filled with various desserts. On top were some candles stuck in the tiramisu, and the waiter was trying to place it in front of Amanda. Naturally, Amanda, along with her sister and brother, assumed it was for Shaan's birthday. So, Amanda & her brother began arguing with the waiter that it wasn't for her, but for Shaan. The waiter put the platter down in front of Amanda and it read "congratulations." She was so confused. By the time Amanda looked over to Justin, he was down on one knee and he asked her to marry him. Needless to say, it all clicked at that point. (Cameras were out and a photo is to the right.) Amanda was so speachless. For some reason she took the ring out of it's box to get a closer look (It was probably from being in shock). Then realizing that was probably "rude" to take it, she put the ring back. She swears that she was speaking and saying "yes" the whole time but nothing came out of her mouth. Justin thought she was saying no by giving the ring back. But then she grabbed Justin, said "yes" and was hugging and kissing him the rest of the night.
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