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Public Affairs - Case Studies

Below is a partial list of the different public affairs activities and campaigns we have developed over the years for a wide array of clients.

  • Federal executive branch liaison on behalf of a coalition of national/international airlines
  • Communications Strategy to influence local and national officials involved with Canadian rail operations
  • New product market analysis for a soft drink giant
  • Media Development and Conference Management for Western Hemisphere Trade & Commerce Forum
  • Extensive member research of complex finance issues for a government investment pool
  • Member mobilization for a statewide teacher association
  • Regional grasstops program in the medical community to gain unique FDA approval for a large cereal manufacturer
  • Door-to-Door campaign for local development projects
The Issue: To enhance the regions' economic development potential in manufacturing and distribution, community and industry leaders proposed an independent air-cargo hub adjacent to DIA. The plan was met with significant political hurdles and special interest opposition.
The Result: Welchert & Britz designed and implemented a sophisticated political and communications strategy to win support for the project. Welchert & Britz's full-blown media and public relations assault helped lead to successful negotiations between Denver, Adams County and the air carriers.
The Issue: Consulting for the inaugural Cultural Facilities District, Welchert realized there was a great—but diverse—story to tell.
The Result: It was Welchert who conceived of the idea for a unique spokesman (what became the polar bear) to rally the region around the arts and culture tax. Communities around the country have since replicated the cultural arts tax.

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