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Political Consulting - Case Studies

The Issue: Fast growing Adams County in suburban Denver desperately needed to build a new Courthouse. Unfortunately, there would be no adjoining jail to help carry the vote. Compounding this fact was the issue of location: The "new" courthouse was to be built in the county seat--miles from the population centers of the county. The county is notoriously anti-tax, defeating the baseball stadium and the metro cultural facilities district. All this would transpire during their first ever "mail-ballot only" election!
The Result: The County Commissioners receive great credit for allowing us to do many things, including changing the name to Criminal Justice Center and sunsetting the sales tax in the ballot language. Our primary goal was to personalize the facility. First, we utilized volunteers to pull down the Jury lists for ten years--obvious voters who understood the unsafe conditions of the courthouse. Second, we utilized law enforcement as primary spokespeople--not judges and politicians. Finally, we assured voters we were NOT building a "Taj Mahal" as had been done in an adjoining metro county. The ½ cent sales tax passed to build a new $30 million Justice Center!
The Issue:The North Jeffco Park & Recreation District wanted to pass a property tax increase allowing them to build the largest public rec center west of the Mississippi. This was a special May election.
The Result: A special election--with a property tax increase--was likely to stir seniors, but how could we mobilize our base--young parents of sports participants. We developed an absentee ballot program requirement. In very friendly terms, we "suggested" that a completed request for an absentee ballot would be required by parents before uniforms or pictures could be issued. The $25 million APEX Center passed in a landslide, 65-35%.
The Issue: Before calling on us, the Falcon School District in suburban Colorado Springs had lost three consecutive elections for new schools. The district was faced with financial malfeasance and board re-calls.
The Result I:We designed a unique message mirroring Newt Gingrinch's "Contract with America." School officials and citizens together signed a GIANT "Contract for the Kids" that received significant media play. The contract helped give voters confidence that their tax dollars were guaranteed to be properly spent. And, they finally won.
The Result II:Three years later we came back for another tax increase to build more schools in this fast growing district. Our "Promises Made…Promises Kept!" campaign reinforced the need, the plan and the citizen process with warmth and pride.
Falcon Schools have won two straight and are well on their way to future success!
The Issue: Low on money, and his 1988 presidential campaign facing a tough northern primary, then Senator Al Gore needed a boost for the 1988 Wisconsin primary.
The Result: Gore asked Steve Welchert to manage his primary. Welchert's aggressive "earned media" plan helped knock out neighboring Senator Paul Simon, which allowed Gore to advance in the '88 race and helped establish him as a solid player in the 1992 election.

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